Electromagnetic Design Configuration for Medical Imaging System

MagneticImaging System

A company developing a medical imaging system which uses hyperpolarized Xenon gas to evaluate pulmonary function approached Custom Coils for help on an electromagnetic design configuration requiring unique mechanical features, and the capacity to withstand unusual operating conditions. With very tight space constraints, we worked with the customers’ engineering team to design an electromagnet which meets the system field specifications, while maintaining all other electrical parameters.  Through our vast experience working with materials, in other applications which pose similar challenges, we presented material options which enabled optimal performance and longevity.  Finally, we incorporated a mechanical bracket feature, which was bonded directly to the electromagnet to provide a secure, low-cost mounting capability.

The collaborative effort, which included several design reviews and clearly communicated objectives and parameters, enabled our customer to achieve a faster development cycle (through fewer revision changes) on a highly critical component in the system.