Coils serve important functions across many industries; however, they play a particularly vital role in the satellite and aerospace sectors. Due to the harsh conditions often found in these types of applications, coils must meet strict standards and regulations to ensure reliability. At Custom Coils, we can provide custom coil solutions designed to meet the particular needs of the satellite and aerospace industry while ensuring optimal performance.

How Coils Are Used in the Satellite & Aerospace Industry

Coils are utilized in a variety of ways within the satellite and aerospace industries. Applications include:

Earth Observation

Earth observation relies on producing dependable cameras that can withstand very harsh environments. An electromagnetic coil is an integral part of creating space-like facilities for testing these cameras. In this case, the main role of the coil is to create magnetic fields that mimic those of the earth.

Spacecraft Thrusters

Electric fields power a specific type of thruster known as an electrical thruster. To create this electric field, engineers will install magnetic coils on either side of the engine and one in the center. In these applications, coils are vital for enabling the craft to accelerate.

Compass Calibration

Typically, satellites will use a magnetometer to assist with altitude control. After engineers have installed the magnetometer, there is the potential for readings to become distorted due to interference from the rest of the satellite. To correct this, engineers will use an electromagnetic coil to generate a known field around the satellite, thus enabling them to check the magnetometer’s accuracy.

Altitude Control

Satellites and spacecraft determine their altitude by referencing the earth’s magnetic field. As electromagnetic coils can create and cancel magnetic fields, they make it possible to test various algorithms within the spacecraft’s altitude control system.

Custom Coils Capabilities

For over 40 years, Custom Coils has been working with our customers to design and manufacture custom coil solutions. Our capabilities include:

  • Design and engineering
  • Manufacturing and production
  • Prototyping and development

We are dedicated to fostering long-term relationships with our customers, assisting in every step of the design and engineering process. With decades of experience creating coils intended for use in challenging environments—such as zero gravity, vacuum conditions, and extreme temperatures—we know how to meet the unique needs of the aerospace and satellite industry.

Our manufacturing facilities enable us to offer both small and large production runs with competitive pricing. We also assist in designing and manufacturing prototypes in the early stages of product development. Coils designed for use in aerospace and satellite applications must meet particularly rigid standards to ensure they can hold up to the harsh environments they will encounter. By working with our customers to create prototypes, we ensure the quality and manufacturability of the coil before committing to a full production run.

Work With Custom Coils On Your Next Project

As an ISO 13485 and 9001:2015 certified business, Custom Coils is committed to providing electromagnetic coil solutions that our customers can depend on. The safety of those in the aerospace industry depends on the precision, durability, and efficacy of every component. We understand the vital role coils play in these applications, and we leverage our decades of experience to ensure a final product that meets and exceeds industry standards. From the earliest design phase to the final production run, our engineers will work with you to create a solution that meets every specification of your project. To learn more or work with us on your next custom coil project, contact us or request your quote today.

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