Custom Coils is your single-source provider of specialty and custom coil design, engineering, and manufacturing. With over four decades of experience, we have the necessary knowledge and resources to deliver high-quality coil solutions that meet the needs of various industries. Our highly skilled team of experts understands the unique requirements of each sector and can work with you to create custom parts that align with your exact specifications.


Imaging & Scanning

Custom Coils offers custom electromagnetic assemblies, coils, and other components for use in imaging and scanning equipment. We work with numerous core materials and wire gauges in varying coil diameters and lengths, allowing us to meet the needs of applications such as MRI machines, magnetic particle imaging, magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy, and more.

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Medical Industry

Custom Coils has the experience and resources to deliver superior-quality medical coils that comply with the industry’s demanding requirements and standards. We can create custom coils in a variety of materials and coil finishes to meet the needs of both therapeutic and medical imaging applications.

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Power Generation

The experts at Custom Coils have the ability to manufacture reliable electromagnets and wire coiling for use in power generation systems. From beginning to end, we’ll work with our customers to determine the ideal materials and finishes for their needs. Our custom coil solutions can be used for a range of power generation applications, including steam turbines, wind turbines, hydroelectric turbines, and more.

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Satellite & Aerospace

From design and engineering to prototyping, manufacturing, and testing, Custom Coils can provide tailored coil solutions that meet the strict demands of the satellite and aerospace industry while ensuring high performance. Depending on your needs, we can create coils for use in earth observation, electrical thrusters, compass calibration, and other satellite and aerospace applications.

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Semiconductor & Processing Equipment

At Custom Coils, we can design and manufacture precision coils for semiconductor processing and testing applications. Using a variety of high-quality materials, we can produce electromagnetic components for use in semiconductor processes such as ion implantation, dielectric etching, HDP-CVD and PECVD, and metal deposition.

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Research & Development

Custom Coils specializes in the design, manufacture, and engineering of electromagnetic coils that support the research and development industry. In partnership with research institutions, we produce a variety of products that align with the specific needs of new technology, including RF coil assemblies, chokes, inductors, solenoids, focusing magnets, and more.

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At Custom Coils, we have years of experience delivering custom electromagnets and inductor assemblies that fully comply with strict military specifications. Using a variety of core materials and wire gauges, we can customize electromagnetic coils to meet the needs of numerous military applications, including coil guns, rocket guidance systems, and lasers.

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Partner with Custom Coils

If your industry requires high-quality customized coils, turn to the experts at Custom Coils. We are dedicated to providing top-quality coil products for our customers and will work with you from design through production to ensure we deliver parts that meet the needs of your applications. Whether you’re in initial product conception or have detailed specifications, we have the expertise to manufacture quality solutions that meet your system requirements.

For more information about how our products and capabilities can serve your industry, contact us today.