Prototyping and Development

Custom Coils is more than just a coil manufacturer. We understand the complexities involved in electromagnetic coil design and are here to partner with and fully support our customers with initial design, product development, prototype, testing, and full production release.

A critical step in the product life cycle is the prototyping, development, and testing phase to ensure the design meets our customer’s objectives and is optimized for production manufacturability, quality, and cost. Custom Coils will provide support for prototype manufacturing, from single coil winding to larger batches, or variations of windings with similar design parameters. We support our customers’ test requirements to validate their designs and suggest design improvements to improve quality and cost.

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Types of Products Developed and Prototyped

The Custom Coils product development and prototyping teams have experience creating electromagnet designs in collaboration with our clients. We also thoroughly test in-progress configurations for further refinement and improvement. The electromagnetic assemblies we specialize in include:

Electromagnet Assemblies and High-Power Electromagnets

With our in-house prototyping and development capabilities, we create complete electromagnetic assemblies that adhere to each client’s specifications. Our products are used in small research and development projects to large-scale industrial efforts. Throughout the prototyping process, we can collaborate with your design team to find cost-effective options for large-scale production, higher-performance materials and designs, and more.

Bell Jar Assemblies

We refurbish and redesign bell jar assemblies with RF coils for semiconductor wafer run cycles and more. Each configuration is built to meet original OEM specifications and industry regulations.

Coil Configurations

Our team of electromagnet designers can create simple or complex coil configurations for powering a diverse array of equipment, from etch tools to advanced imaging equipment. As part of our complete in-house capabilities, Custom Coils provides project management services, design and prototype development, product manufacturing, and testing. We support companies that need to configure quick solutions to coil-related problems or are completing multiple cycles of product development.

Process, Testing, and Inspecting Performed

Our testing and inspection team also provides various options for quality control. Some of the processes we offer to ensure successful results and traceability include:

  • Tooling design
  • Tooling fabrication
  • Thermal modeling
  • Magnet specification designs
  • Visual inspections
  • Pressure testing
  • Dimensional and Electrical Testing
  • First Article Testing
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Custom Coils Industry Use Cases

As a leading coil winding company, Custom Coils serves clients in commercial and industrial markets with advanced prototyping and product development services. Our coils range from single coil winding designs to large configurations with complex winding designs and specialty materials. Some of our past case studies include:

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing

A medical imaging system company approached our development team to design and develop an electromagnetic configuration with unique mechanical characteristics and the ability to withstand specialized environmental conditions. They needed a compact electromagnet coil winding that could operate within limited space constraints, be securely mounted for high-quality image production, and achieve quicker product development cycles.

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing

A large semiconductor manufacturer approached Custom Coils to refurbish a 200MM high-power bell jar assembly with mechanical defects. First, we inspected the configuration to provide a detailed risk assessment and evaluation. Then it was cleaned, disassembled, reassembled with new components, and tested. We delivered the refurbished bell jar to the manufacturer, who was so impressed with the results that they sent us additional bell jars—previously thought unusable—to refurbish.

In another project for a semiconductor manufacturer, our development team co-created and delivered prototypes of an electromagnet that ionized plasma for the dielectric etching process. The electronic prototype development and production processes were completed within the client’s requested timeline of eight weeks.

University Research and Development (R&D)

University Research and Development (R&D)

University Research and Development (R&D)

University of California, Berkeley was conducting research into stem cell therapy involving a magnetic particle imaging scanner. Our team supported the development of a high-performance electromagnet assembly that could handle high thermal impacts. This project facilitated high-quality image resolution for in-depth research.

  • Prototype & Development Capabilities
    • Validation of Prototype objectives
    • Design for cost to meet prototype objectives
    • Single or small batch runs
    • Variable windings to test output (e.g. Variable turns in the same dimensional constraints)
    • Quick turn-around and support for design changes
    • Soft-tooling to minimize initial costs
    • Testing/Inspection
    • Design alternatives, Design for Production
    • Prototype to Production Transition Support
    Testing Capabilities
    • Full First-Article Testing,
      On-going testing/tracking
    • High Pot
    • Inductance
    • Resistance
    • Leak
    • Surge
    • Thermal
    • Standard Field
    • Mechanical
    • Dimensional
  • Additional Information
    Industries Served
    • Semiconductor Equipment Processing
    • Medical Systems
    • Energy Storage
    • Power Generation
    • High Energy
    • Environmental
    • Solar
    • Security & Detection
    • University Research
    Industry Standards
    • UL
    • NEMA
    • ISO 9001:2015/ISO 13845:2016 Medical QMS Compliant
    File Formats
    • CAD Capabilities
    • 2D & 3D Modeling

Prototyping and Development Services From Custom Coils

Since 1978, Custom Coils has offered prototyping services to customers seeking guidance with building a coil to their specific design needs. For more information on how Custom Coils can help in the prototyping and development of your coil design, see the information below or contact us directly.

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