Custom Coils, Inc. is your single source for the design, engineering, and manufacturing of custom and specialty coil products for a range of industries, including the medical industry. Coils are crucial components to various medical applications, such as tumor radiation, imaging systems, and more. These technologies require high-quality coils to ensure safe and reliable operation for users and patients.

Due to the industry’s strict quality standards, coils for medical applications must be produced with great precision. To illustrate our ability to produce industry compliant and high-quality medical coils, Custom Coils, Inc. maintains an ISO 13485:2016 certification. We offer wire coiling in a wide range of materials and finishes to meet the needs of our customers in the medical industry.

Custom Coils for the Medical Industry

Medical Industry Applications for Coils

There are two major uses for coils in the medical industry: therapeutic and imaging applications.


Medical coils and magnets are used in therapeutic systems, which incorporate linear accelerators that use beam radiation to treat patients with cancerous tumors. These systems utilize magnets to direct or guide high-energy laser beams to target the problem areas. The precision of these magnets allow the beams to destroy only cancerous tissues while avoiding the surrounding areas.

Steering Coil


Electromagnets are commonly used in imaging and scanning applications. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) uses electromagnets and radiofrequency (RF) current to stimulate and align protons in the body resulting in very high soft tissue resolution. Xenon MRI technology uses electromagnets to hyperpolarize Xenon using circularly polarized laser light. This technology results in improved pulmonary function imaging. Magnetic Particle Imaging is a modality which utilizes electromagnets to harness nanotechnology in imaging and therapy, thus allowing the ability to see tracers at the cellular level, within a living organism.

The most common types of coils and magnets used in medical applications include:

  • Beam-guiding magnets
  • Beam-bending
  • Pulse-forming networks
  • Steering coils
  • Induction coils
  • Beam acceleration solenoids
  • Quad coils for uniformity of field

Coil Materials for the Medical Industry

At Custom Coils, Inc., we can provide coils in a wide range of materials to meet the needs of the medical industry. Medical coil materials must be able to withstand extreme environmental conditions such as

high temperatures, X-rays, radiation, and more. To ensure our coils can perform in even the most demanding medical environments, we’ll recommend the following materials:

  • Copper magnet wire
  • Double day glass insulation
  • Hollow core conductor
  • Nomex insulation
  • Dacron Mylar Dacron insulation
  • Mylar insulation
  • Silicone elastomer
  • Phenolic tube
  • Acrylic tube
  • Radiation resistant resins
  • Epoxy
  • Ultra-temp material
  • Glass cloth tape

Coil Finishes for the Medical Industry

Custom Coils, Inc. works with customers to create a custom coil solution based on your equipment’s design, assembly, and space requirements. Part of our custom capabilities includes applying the appropriate finish to your coils.

When determining the best finish for your medical coil application, there are many key factors to consider. Depending on where your coils will be located within the equipment or system, they may require specific finishes to protect against extreme temperatures, electrical currents, wear, and more.

We offer the following finishes for medical coils:

  • Kapton wrap. Kapton wrap finishing offers stability at high temperatures and flexibility at low temperatures. It also features resistance to radiation and most chemicals.
  • Glass cloth tape. Glass cloth tape boasts high tensile strength and provides excellent resistance to abrasion and high temperatures.
  • Epoxy impregnated. For medical coils that require electrical protection, epoxy impregnated finishes increase dielectric strength and reduce partial discharge. This finish also provides good thermal conductivity.

Medical Solutions from Custom Coils, Inc.

Coils are a critical component in various types of medical equipment and systems. From targeting radiation at cancerous tumors to enhancing the visibility of MRI images, coils play a vital role in diagnosing and treating serious health conditions.

At Custom Coils, Inc., we have the resources and experience to deliver high-quality medical coils that comply with the industry’s stringent standards. Regardless of your application, we can work with customers to determine the appropriate coil type, material, and finish to ensure reliable performance. For more information about how we serve the medical industry, contact us today, or request a quote to get started on your custom coil solution.

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