Custom Coils has successfully completed many custom coil projects for customers in a variety of industries. Below are a few recent examples. Please contact us today to learn more.


Coil Formed into High Power Electro Magnet

Learn about how Custom Coils worked with a research organization from University of California, Berkeley, to design a scanner, which uses magnetic particle imaging for stem cell therapy. The purpose of this project was to compare magnetic particle imaging, for tracking stem cells in vivo, to current methods like MRI, CT, or XRAY.

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Refurbishing of a Ceramic Bell Jar Dome Assembly

A large U.S. semiconductor manufacturer inquired if Custom Coils could rework an original 200MM high power bell jar assembly, which had undergone multiple PM cycles, and had a number of mechanical defects. Learn about how we were able to refurbish the bell jar to new condition.

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Coil Forming of a High Power Electromagnet Used in a Dielectric Etch Tool

A manufacturer of semiconductor processing equipment needed an electromagnet for the ionization of plasma on a tool used in the dielectric etching process. Custom Coils provided a co-engineered design effort, and the successful delivery of fully tested prototype units. Learn more about this project and how we were able to provide our client with custom solutions.

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Six Coil Configuration, Connected in Series

Learn about how Custom Coils collaborated with group of design experts on a project to build a complex Flux Concentrator Assembly. The elevated voltage holding requirements (approx 5000V from coil #1 to coil #6), and exposure to radiation required extensive modeling and analysis, in order to determine the optimal coil design and material selection.

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Electromagnetic Design Configuration

Learn about how Custom Coils worked with a company developing a medical imaging system which uses hyperpolarized Xenon gas to evaluate pulmonary function. They needed our help on an electromagnetic design configuration requiring unique mechanical features, and the capacity to withstand unusual operating conditions.

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