Custom Coils is a leading coil manufacturer providing high-quality products to various industries. Our company takes pride in having an experienced team that understands the design requirements that engineers must work with regardless of their sector. We can create custom parts to match the exact specifications of your unique project and we will partner with you from initial design to product development, testing, and full production release.


Design and Engineering

Custom Coils partners with clients and offers support through the full development lifecycle. We perform process optimization planning and design for manufacturability analysis, guaranteeing the highest possible quality parts at lower costs.

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Prototyping and Development

Prototyping, development, and testing are crucial in ensuring the design meets your objectives. This ensures an optimal design for production manufacturability, cost, and quality. We offer support regardless of whether the customer needs single or large batches. We also help our customers achieve test requirements to endorse their designs and propose design improvements to improve cost and quality.

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Manufacturing and Production

Custom Coils creates the highest quality electromagnets, coil assemblies, inductors, and solenoids. Our manufacturing facility can handle any production requirement, from small prototype coils to large-volume coils and assemblies. Once the customer provides the product specifications, our team integrates the unique requirements into our manufacturing process solutions, maximizing quality and minimizing cost.

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Ceramic Bell Jar Dome Refurbishment

Custom Coils offers end-user refurbishment and repair services for dome assemblies. The components of the original assembly can erode due to extended process use and multiple product maintenance cycles. For instance, the radiofrequency (RF) coil may develop electrical arching or water line leaks; the ceramic dome may develop scratches on the sealed surface, while the outer silicone elastomer may break down.

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As a coils manufacturer, Custom Coils commits to producing high-quality coils for our clients across industries. We have the resources and expertise to design and manufacture parts that meet your applications. Whether you have detailed specifications or are in initial product conception, we can help you throughout the entire process, from design to production. We also have the capability to meet all production requirements regardless of size.

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