In many cases, leading technologies and products in the market today started as a research and development project. Custom Coils specializes in custom electromagnet coil design, manufacturing, and engineering, and is committed to supporting technologies at the research and development level. In partnership with research institutions, we collaborate with engineers on solutions to complex electromagnet assemblies, design and manufacture critical components, and validate new technologies as needed. Learn more about the most common coil, inductor, and electromagnet components we develop for R&D organizations.

Common Coil, Inductor, and Electromagnet Products Used in R&D

Through close collaboration, Custom Coils supports the development of coil design ideas and works with customers to generate a product aligned with the specific needs of the new technology. The following are some examples of the specific coil and magnet products Custom Coils has created for the R&D industry:

  • RF Coil Assemblies: Radiofrequency (RF) coil assemblies may contain various coil components, each of which includes an RF conductor corresponding to a designated RF path. The coil components either transmit or receive RF signals via the RF conductors. RF coil assemblies are essential components in research involving MRI machines.
  • Inductors: Inductors are components featuring two terminals that use the magnetic field of a coil to store energy as an electric current travels through it. Inductors normally comprise an insulated wire coil.
  • Chokes: Chokes function as inductors that pass direct current (DC) and low-frequency alternating current (AC) while preventing the passage of high-frequency AC. The coil component typically comprises a magnetic core with an insulated wire wrapped around it.
  • Electromagnets: An electromagnet consists of a coil wound around a magnetic core, which is magnetized when an electric current passes through the coil. The end product is a controllable magnet that generates a magnetic field that can be reversed, varied, or turned off and on.
  • Focusing Magnets: These magnets use weak or strong focusing depending on the application. While strong focusing magnets use several electromagnets to enable particle beams to converge bidirectionally, weak focusing entails charged particles traveling through uniform magnetic fields, intersecting once every revolution.
  • Solenoids: Solenoids help convert electrical energy into mechanical action using a combination of a wire coil, a plunger, and a housing. As an electric current moves through the solenoid, the magnetic field created brings the plunger inward.

Custom Coils’ Electromagnetic Capabilities

At Custom Coils, we manufacture various types of custom electromagnets, coil assemblies, and other components for use in the R&D Industry. Our capabilities range from single, one-off solutions to large-volume production runs with consistent quality across all components.

We use a variety of wire gauges and core materials in different diameters and lengths, depending on what our customers require for a given application. We offer comprehensive in-house services and work to provide our customers with product designs featuring superior manufacturability, performance, and cost-effectiveness.

R&D Industry Solutions by Custom Coils

A wide range of R&D applications relies on high-quality coils, electromagnets, inductors, and other components. If you need custom coil winding, Custom Coils offers a range of tailored solutions to meet your requirements. Our team can help design, engineer, develop, prototype, and produce reliable solutions based on your research goals.

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