Manufacturing and Production

Manufacturing and Production

At Custom Coils, we’ve been providing our valued customers with the highest quality design-specific manufactured coils, coil assemblies, electromagnets, solenoids, and inductors for over 45 years. Located in our 23,000-square-foot facility in Benicia, CA, Custom Coils is capable of meeting your manufacturing requirements, from single or small prototype coils runs to large volume coils and assemblies.

Our Manufacturing Process

We manufacture custom coils using our unique winding procedure, where ultra-fine wires commonly made of copper or aluminum are twisted around a core or pin in a round, helical, or spherical configuration. Because of the different applications of custom coils, the shapes and sizes of the coils will vary. To manufacture coils with different thicknesses, we alter the number of windings around the core. Coreless coils are manufactured by removing the core after the winding process is completed.

As a custom coil manufacturer, Custom Coils partners with customers through the entire production life cycle, from initial design to product development, testing, and production release. We offer:

  • Custom Design Services for Production Quality and Efficiency
  • Material Specification Consulting
  • Coil Modeling and Analysis
  • Thermal Modeling and Analysis
  • Design for Manufacturability Analysis
  • Full Electrical and Mechanical Capabilities

We have the knowledge and resources needed to design and manufacture quality coils that meet any system requirement.

Custom Coils’ Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Coils is a single-source solution for custom coil design, engineering, and manufacturing. Our manufacturing capabilities include:

  • Design and Engineering: To deliver the highest quality coils at the lowest costs, we partner with our customers and provide support throughout their projects, from concept through manufacturing.
  • Prototyping and Development: From single-coil winding to large batches to variations of windings with similar parameters, Custom Coils provides support for prototyping and development.
  • Manufacturing and Production: Whether our customers are in the initial stages of conception or have detailed specifications, Custom Coils has the knowledge and capabilities to deliver coils that fit tight space constraints, have unique geometries, withstand high thermal impact, or other specifications.
  • Inductor Manufacturing: Custom Coils manufactures custom inductors to suit the demands of a range of applications.
  • Ceramic Bell Jar Dome Refurbishment: As a primary OEM supplier, Custom Coils provides end-user repair and refurbishment services for HDP SPEED dome assemblies.
  • Electromagnetic Coil Manufacturing: Custom Coils designs electromagnets to meet all system field requirements and deliver optimal performance.

Working with customers from design to product release, Custom Coils fulfills small and large volume orders while keeping costs at a minimum.

Industries Served by Custom Coils

Custom Coils provides custom coil solutions for a range of industries, including:

  • Semiconductor Processing and Test Equipment: Custom Coils designs and manufactures electromagnets for ion implant, dielectric etch, and polysilicon etch applications.
  • Medical: Imaging systems, tumor radiation, and other critical medical applications rely on our custom coils to ensure the safety of patients and users.
  • Imaging and Scanning: Modern scanning and imaging devices require electromagnets with very precise design criteria, such as limited space and materials that can withstand extreme heat. Custom Coils designs and produces electromagnets, inductors, and coils for MRI machines, imaging mass spectrometry (IMS), magnetic particle imaging machines, and more.
  • Satellite and Aerospace: Custom Coils manufactures custom coils that can perform in the harsh operating conditions of aerospace and satellite applications, such as spacecraft thrusters, altitude control systems, and compass calibration.
  • Research and Development: We also assist universities with research and development efforts, such as those that involve magnetic particle imaging.
  • Military and Defense: Custom Coils designs and manufactures reliable custom coils that withstand the harsh, mission-critical conditions of military and defense applications.
  • Power Generation: Power generation applications—such as combustion gas, steam, wind, and hydroelectric turbines—require various electromagnets and coils to generate power.

Whatever the industry, Custom Coils can collaborate with you to find the right coil type for your exact project.

Manufacturing and Production Capabilities From Custom Coils

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities are built on a successful track record of devising the highest quality and repeatable manufacturing processes for unique coil applications; we understand the difficulties that customers face when selecting a coil manufacturer. We pride ourselves on being the best in the industry at optimizing process results while managing costs.

Everything we manufacture at Custom Coils is built to our customers’ specifications. We integrate your specific requirements into a unique manufacturing process solution designed to maximize quality and minimize cost. Our manufacturing services support small to large coil assemblies at one-off/prototype to large production volumes in a production process designed to maximize quality and minimize cost.

For more information on all of our custom coil manufacturing capabilities, see the tables below or contact us directly.

Manufacturing and Production
Manufacturing and Production