Manufacturing and Production

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At Custom Coils, we’ve been providing our valued customers with the highest quality design-specific manufactured coils, coil assemblies, electromagnets, solenoids, and inductors for over 45 years. Located in our 23000 square foot facility in Benicia, CA, Custom Coils is capable of meeting your manufacturing requirements, from single or small prototype coils runs to large volume coils and assemblies.

Our extensive manufacturing capabilities are built on a successful track record of devising the highest quality and repeatable manufacturing processes for unique coil applications; we understand the difficulties that customers face when selecting a coil manufacturer. We pride ourselves on being the best in the Industry at optimizing process results while managing costs.

Everything we manufacture at Custom Coils is built to our customer’s specifications. We integrate your unique requirements into its own manufacturing process solution designed to maximize quality and minimize cost. Our manufacturing services support small to large coil assemblies at one-off/prototype to large production volumes in a production process designed to maximize quality and minimize cost.

For more information on all of our custom coil manufacturing capabilities, see the table below or contact us directly.