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What are Electromagnetic Coils?

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Coils are helically wound electrical wires that generate electromagnetic fields when exposed to an electrical current. They are vital parts of various devices, including electromagnets, solenoids, and inductors. A range of applications, from antennas to electric motors, rely on electromagnetic field generation from coils. Coils deliver many benefits and can be made from a diverse range of materials.

At Custom Coils, we are committed to producing high-quality, custom coils for our customers across industries. Our coil manufacturing expertise gives us the capabilities to meet your production requirements no matter the size. From design to production, we partner with you every step of the way.

What Are Coils?

Tube Coil

A coil consists of a length of electrical wire with one or several helical turns to form a cylindrical shape. The coil wire carries an electrical current that allows the coil to function in several ways. A coil is suitable for use as a choke to provide inductance to create an electromotive force. When a core of soft iron is placed inside, coils gain electromagnetic capabilities. Solenoids are another type of coil that responds to variations in electrical currents to operate an attached plunger.

The following are applications that frequently rely on coils:

  • Electromagnetic Valve Actuators for Camless Engines
  • Electromagnets
  • Infrared Steering Mirrors
  • Latching Solenoid Coils
  • Magnetic Memory
  • Magneto-optical Disc Drives
  • Mini Ferrite Conductors
  • Motors
  • Pot Cores
  • Solenoids
  • Valve Actuators
  • Voice Coils
  • Variable Reluctance Speed Sensors

Benefits Of Using Coils

At Custom Coils, our high-quality coils use the best materials for dependability in critical applications, guaranteeing highly repeatable results. Our coil manufacturing processes maximize the quality of our coils while lowering production costs. High-quality coils offer longer and more reliable service with less maintenance and downtime. We test our coils to meet or exceed the highest industry standards. We also specialize in coil solutions for extreme thermal and high-power applications.

Coil Materials

Coils use copper or aluminum electrical wires to generate a magnetic field from an electrical current. Pairing a coil with a ferromagnetic material allows the coil to function as an electromagnet. Soft iron, nickel alloy, cobalt, and steel are popular ferromagnetic materials for coil-based electromagnets. They are highly responsive to magnetization, offering optimal operation. Including ferromagnetic materials in the composition of an electromagnet can increase the magnet’s power.

A magnetic field is the result of electrons forming in proper alignment and creating a magnetic domain. Ferromagnetic material forms a magnetic domain in a more uniform direction than other materials. Magnetic circuits that rely on ferromagnetic materials deliver a dense magnetic flux to amplify the coil’s magnetic field.

Coils From Custom Coils

At Custom Coils, we use a diverse range of coil winding techniques to manufacture coils for any application. Our coils are custom made to meet our customers’ specifications. We manufacture large and small volumes of coils, prototypes, and one-off products.

We offer single and multi-layer helically wound coils. Our coil winding processes include automated and random layer processes for higher-speed manufacturing, and manual and precision winding for greater accuracy. We can also use dry, epoxy, and self-bonding winding processes for coils with and without epoxy impregnation and solvents.

Coils From Custom Coils

Partner With Custom Coils

At Custom Coils, we have been manufacturing coils with maximum quality at minimal cost for over 45 years. We deliver prototypes and product lines from small to large volumes compliant with UL, NEMA, and ISO standards. Contact us to learn more or request a quote today.