Design and Engineering

Design and Engineering

Custom Coils is more than just a coil manufacturer. We partner with our customers and provide support from initial design, product development, prototype, and testing to full production release. This allows us to deliver the highest possible quality while lowering costs through process optimization planning and design for manufacturability analysis.

We pride ourselves in providing support and expertise to achieve our customer’s unique and challenging design requirements. We are the best resource to support coil design projects requiring tight space constraints, high thermal challenges, unique geometries, unusual cross-sections, and other functional and performance parameters with a focus on design for quality, manufacturability, and cost. Our customer-centric focus has facilitated the development of several long-term customer relationships, and is exemplified by the many products we have continued to support in production for over 20 years.

Types Of Coil Designs Manufactured

At Custom Coils, we can design and manufacture coils with a variety of winding types depending on your particular needs. The type of winding you choose depends on various factors, including the number of turns, size and dimensional constraints, electromagnetic field requirement, power constraint, high or low frequency, and more. Because of this, it’s important to consider the particular requirements of your application to ensure the right coil design.

Coil Design & Engineering Industry Applications

At Custom Coils, we can deliver custom and specialty coils to meet the needs of various industry applications. Industries we serve include:

  • Medical: In the medical industry, coils can be found in therapeutic systems used to treat cancerous tumors as well as imaging technology such as MRI scanners. Some common types of coils found in the medical industry include steering coils, induction coils, and quad coils for uniformity of field.
  • Military: Electromagnetic coils are used in military applications such as missile defense, radar and radio frequencies, high-velocity electromagnetic rail guns, communication systems, and more.
  • Imaging & Scanning: Coils, inductors, and electromagnets are essential to several imaging and scanning applications, including imaging mass spectrometry (IMS), magnetic particle imaging, magnetic resonance (MR) spectroscopy, and MRI machines.
  • Semiconductor: Coil assemblies and electromagnets are utilized in a variety of processes that are part of semiconductor production. These include dielectric etching, ion implantation, metal deposition, and HDP-CVD and PECVD processes.
  • Aerospace: Coils are used in several ways within the aerospace industry, including altitude control, compass calibration, spacecraft thrusters, and earth observation. Because of the harsh environmental conditions present in this industry, coils must be manufactured with the utmost precision.
  • Power Generation: Wire coils can be found throughout a wide range of power generation applications, including wind turbines, hydroelectric turbines, combustion gas turbines, and steam turbines.

Custom Coil Materials Used

Custom Coils works with many coil materials to suit different industry needs. We understand that our coils are used in a variety of critical applications; therefore, we work with materials designed to hold up under harsh environmental conditions while ensuring optimal performance.

When designing and manufacturing our electromagnetic coils, we collaborate with our customers to understand their unique requirements and offer solutions based on our years of experience using various materials with high electrical conductivity, including:

  • Copper Magnet Wire
  • Hollow-Core Conductor
  • Litz Wire
  • Copper-Coated Aluminum
  • Copper Tubing
  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Copper-Beryllium

Design and Engineering Services from Custom Coils

Since 1978, Custom Coils has been the single-source solution for custom and specialty coil design, engineering, and manufacturing. We partner with you to provide comprehensive design and engineering support to help move your project from concept to manufacturing. Contact us today or see the table below to learn more about our design and coil engineering capabilities.