Design and Engineering


Since 1978, Custom Coils has been the single source solution for custom and specialty coil design, engineering, and manufacturing. We partner with you to provide comprehensive design and engineering support to help move your project from concept to manufacturing.

Custom Coils is more than just a coil manufacturer. We partner with our customers and provide support from initial design, product development, prototype, and testing to full production release. This allows us to deliver the highest possible quality while lowering costs through process optimization planning and design for manufacturability analysis.

We pride ourselves in providing support and expertise to achieve our customers unique and challenging design requirements; And we are the best resource to support coil design projects requiring tight space constraints, high thermal challenges, unique geometries, unusual cross-sections, and other functional and performance parameters with a focus on design for quality, manufacturability, and cost.

Our customer-centric focus has facilitated the development of a number of long-term customer relationships; Exemplified by the many products that we have continued to support in production for over 20 years.

To learn more about all of our design and engineering capabilities, see the table below or contact us directly.